Instant comms for training at the
point of need.

Solo™ is a complete virtual comms and radio environment app that provides portable, plug-and-play DIS/HLA interoperation to your PC-based training system.

Despite its small footprint, Solo is a powerful addition to new and existing training devices of any kind that require network-based communications. Solo's one-PC, one-operator format reduces costs and eases integration while delivering the high-fidelity, simulated radio environment our customers have come to expect from ASTi.

As training programs pivot to using smaller, more agile platforms leaning on extended reality (XR) technologies, their comms solution needs to be just as nimble. Solo slots seamlessly into augmented-, mixed-, and virtual-reality (AR/MR/VR) applications where integrated communications between instructors and students are often forgotten or unavailable. Whether you’re installing it on a few workstations or turning the crank on hundreds of commodity training systems, Solo gives you a robust comms solution with proven interoperability.

Solo comes with ASTi's new and improved user interface giving you access to multiple radios, intercoms, jammers, and point-to-point calling. You can even build your own instructor or operator interface(s) using Solo's software development kit (SDK). We know that Solo will benefit your training systems, but how it fits is up to you.

Features + Capabilities

  • SDK for custom GUI development
  • Supports multiple input devices (e.g., joysticks, foot switches, etc.)
  • Advanced radio skin library
  • Comm Plan with customizable radio frequencies, modulations, and audio codecs
  • Customizable DIS radio features (e.g., entity attach)
  • Simultaneous communication on multiple radios
  • Customer-furnished equipment, government-furnished equipment, and thin client compatibility